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SYL Leadership Camp is a severe instructor.

Yes, if there are no difficulties there would be no success. This training provides you avenues to fight up-hill, and to win it without a struggle were perhaps winning it without honor. If there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved. Difficulties will only intimidate the weak, but they only act as a stimulus to men of resolution and valor.

May the 2010 International Leadership Camp knitted your muscles more firmly and taught you self reliance and greater flexibility in life. In this camp, you learned a great deal of friction, of sufferings, with obstacles before the true strength of your character is brought out. Without challenges and struggles and temporary defeats we will never know what sort of metal we are made. Challenges and Struggles cannot keep a determined SYL Camper from success.

Even without running water he is still smells good, even with wet cushions and tents he will rise and serve, if even if you place stumbling blocks in the way, he will take them as a stepping stone. Even if you take his money he will negotiate and make spurs of his poverty and urges him on. Even if he looks dirty he still shines a leader...An SYL graduate has a program.

Even if you will take everything, he can start from ashes and from his course, lay his plans and executes them. Nothing will beat him for he knows how to make his struggles, failures an inspiration and success.

In the event our paths will not cross for a reason in the future, I am hopeful that the seed of hope and love we have planted in each of you will grow...Lead, Excel, Be Grateful...I am very proud of all you and I love you all. Congratulations!


The main mission of Saceda Youth lead is to graduate young men and women who have

certain skills, who have learned to consider problems from a leadership perspective and who have acquired a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility that their future positions will demand of them.

Saceda Youth Lead’s life purpose is to build leadership through education and action. It

continues empowering elementary, high school and college students and even professionals to become effective citizens by providing them opportunities in leadership, community and exchange.

A Brief History

The most important thing in education is to teach young people to think for themselves, and Dave G. Saceda believes that the only way to create change on the Philippine system is through education of these young people.

After graduating from Silliman University in 1996, Dave G. Saceda became a Youth

Ambassador of the Philippines to ten Asian countries including Japan. He promoted peace and mutual understanding among the youth. He established a leadership organization in 1999 and decided to fully give his time and effort to develop the young people in his province through Saceda Youth Lead, a Youth Serving Institution of the Republic of the Philippines under the auspices of the National Youth Commission.

In 1999, the First Summer Leadership Camp was held with only 13 students. Though the number was depressing, SYL moved on courageously. SYL networked with great army of think tanks to create more programs for the youth activism.

For eleven years now, Saceda Youth Lead builds leadership through education and action.

It continues empowering elementary, high school and college students and even professionals to become most effective citizens of the Philippines by providing them opportunities in leadership, community service and exchange.


SYl School endeavors to achieve the following aims:

(1) Value Formation and Character Development are vital to the learning of students;

(2) Greater exposure at teh academic level and greater involvement to trainings, community service and exchange;

(3) Excellent performance in all academic areas with specific skills development in linguistics, logical and mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, music and arts, interpersonal and intrapersonal;

(4) International Exchange during their third year; and

(5) Overall performance will help achieve an ANALYTICAL AND INTEGRATIVE SKILLS with leadership ethics for their maturity.

Students will be involved in community outreach activities and leadership trainings through SYL extensive leadership and empowerment programs. During the Third year level, students willl undergo an INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM which will be coordinated with Saceda Youth Lead International Partners in Singapore, Japan, USA, Thailand and Brunei.

Target subject areas include: English, Math, Science, Socia Studies, Values Education, Technology and Home Economics, PEHM, Filipino, Computer and Foreign Language.

Entrance Examination will be given early next year in all public elementary schools in Dumaguete. Only the top 200 will be selected to constitute the pioneering batch of SYL School.

Enrolment/ Entrance fee is P500.00 and the Tuition fee is P8,000.00 which can be paid in easy installment schemes.

Requirements for admission for the First year students: Elementary Report Card, Birth Certificate, Recommendation from School, P500.00 enrolment fee and Entrance Examination.

For further inquiries please contact:
Mr. Dave G. Saceda, Chair and Founder at (035) 420 0928 / mobile: 0917 314 2890
Chan Gallano 09089907502

or visit the office at SYL Center, Candau-ay Likod, Dumaguete City.

Land: 420-0328
Contact: Dave Saceda/ Chan Gallano 09089907502
Email: sacedayouthlead@yahoo.com

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In The News

By Hyacinth Ann D. Antonio 26 July 2010.

Eleven years ago, a young man with the heart and skills of a leader decided to share with other people, especially the youth, what he had learned from his experiences.

His aim was to help young develop their own potential. This was the start of Saceda Youth Lead (SYL).

“For together we stand, divided we fall. Together we climb to the top of the world. We can be what we want for the world to see that we are the children of yesterday’s dream.”

Every time the SYL conducts its training, it plays this song- “Yesterday’s Dream”.

The song speaks of youth as bearers of hope for the nation and the world. It perfectly matches the organization’s goal of harnessing the leadership skills of young people and prepares them for future challenges.

“Your investment in young people spells success,” said Mr. Dave G. Saceda, the young man who founded the organization.

The founders began endorsing trainings for schools and other organizations. Now, it is the other way around.

They are being asked to conduct training for student leaders, even faculty and staff of schools and universities.

Their training programs reflect the immense amount of knowledge, skills, and learning their people have.

SYL believes that “To win without a struggle is perhaps winning without honor. If there were nothing to struggle for there would be nothing to be achieved.”

This really holds true to the real world. If all of the things that we desire are easily attainable, then we would never learn the value of hard work, perseverance, and self-confidence.

SYL has been successful in conducting leadership trainings in different areas in the country and abroad.

It is committed to development through empowering youth primarily on their roles in nation building.

The organization firmly believes that the youth have within them the seed of hope from which a spirit of leadership is nurtured.
Along with that hope is a conviction that one has all the capabilities to make a difference.

SYL also ensures that before its students are able to lead other people, first they must first become leaders themselves. Discipline is never out of the picture.

Last year, SYL opened a high school recognized and endorsed by the Department of Education. Its campus is situated in Candau-ay, Dumaguete City, in an environment which unites home and school.

Bharkis Kasing, one of the first students, thinks that the location of the school is safe and conducive to good learning.

“We are trained deeply - our values and out interaction with others. What they are teaching us is not only in academics but in leadership as well,” Bharkis said.

Another original student Keis Dominic Nodado, recalls an experience during a recent leadership training in Zamboanga Sibugay.

“The group that we were facilitating thought that we were college students because of the way we handled the class,” Keis said.

A new student Mark Key Okuhay said, “The training is tiring but it gives us satisfaction afterwards.”

Leadership is something that needs time and a lot of experiences to develop. Leaders are born and not made.

But I guess all of us are born leaders. We just have to develop that within us in order for us to be effective.

Like Mr. Dave Saceda, let us share to others what we’ve learned in order to make a difference.

[Hyacinth Anne Ontonio is a Communications Student at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. The Philippines.]


An Article by Kaye Syvel L. Martinez July 26. 2010

Negros Oriental has an internationally recognised organisation that delivers change to the lives of some of the most deprived children in the Philippines.

Saceda Youth Lead (SYL), is an organization which gives an avenue for the youth to think for themselves and to know who they really are.
It is an organization that has different programs and training which aims to let the youth of today understand the essence of true leadership and empowers them to develop and become effective citizens.

Mr. Dave Saceda, the founder of the organization believes that the investment in the youth spells the success of the future. He recognizes the role of the youth in nation building. He believes that the only way to create change in the Philippines is through education of the young people

Saceda Youth Lead builds leadership through education and action. For eleven years now, the organization continues to conduct leadership trainings in different areas in the country and abroad.
It is committed to youth development through empowering them primarily on their roles in nation building. Last year, the organization built their own school situated in Candau-ay, Dumaguete City. The school aims to produce students with an excellent performance in all academic areas and a good exposure to community outreach activities and leadership training.

Bharkis Kasing, one of the students of the pioneering batch, said that she is very proud to be one of the students. Learning is not just limited to the four corners of a classroom.

Every year students are sent to other places to assist in the leadership training of elementary and high school students.

“The power of every individual to pursue greater goals in life lies solely in his ability to know himself, to know his inner self, and to know his God,” Mr. Dave Saceda said.

Knowing what and who we really are the things that we must realize in life. It is good to know that Saceda Youth Lead provides us with the opportunity to discover these things through their programs and trainings.

[Kaye Syvel L.Martinez is a Communications student at Silliman University , Dumaguete. The Philippines.]


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